Post Season- Update 1

It is now two days after bag day. As everyone has probably heard, the team had a great and surprisingly non-stressful bag day. We mostly practiced driving with the final bot, and the coders worked on auton. Below is a picture of the bagged robot. We actually bagged 10 minutes early this year. 🙂

Bagged Robot

Team photo with robot

In the upcoming two weeks until our first competition, we will be at the shop and field house on certain days. As you’ve heard from Patty, we will be machining spare parts for the robot and fixing things up on the practice bot at the shop. At the field house, the drive team will be practicing driving, and the code team will be brushing up on the code (they are currently working on getting the robot to drive smooth curves). In the next few days, I will be sending out information about an open house and tours at the field house and or the shop. Below is a link to videos of robot testing at the field house. You may want to consider keeping these in mind to send to sponsors as an update, especially when inviting them to the open house.

Field House Testing

Meanwhile, the awards team will also be working on Chairman’s, scripting and rehearsing for the presentation.