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Build Season Day 25

Another build day has ended, and much has been accomplished. The Fighting Calculators have worked some more on The Dream, and worked on assembling the gear box. The team members have also started building The Auger, a new intake design.


Today, a few of our team members and one of our members went to one of our sponsors, Harvey Vogel, to pick up some of the parts we sent out. There, we received a tour of their facility, which included all the different machines, and got our drive side plates.


We also got some coding and CADing done today. Some of our more experienced members helped the rookies on coding. As for CAD, CADers have continued to work on The Dream.

Build Season Day 21

Today was the last day for the shop open house for the Fighting Calculators. Thanks to everyone for coming! It was a great opportunity for people to come into the shop and see what our team does during build season.

It has been another productive day for the Fighting Calculators. We’ve made another frame for the robot, and a catapult for that robot. We’ve also changed the design on that catapult, and have been testing it out and using it to shoot at the goals. Besides that, builders also worked some more on The Dream, and are making progress on it.


The code team is working on using the camera to aim at the goals, and is also been coding for The Dream. Our CADers have been fixing the CAD models of the wheels, making the standoffs for the frame of the robot, and The Dream. We’ve also started making models of the catapult. Other parts for the robot have also been sent out. And lastly, our amazingly awesome gearbox plates have been made.


Build Season Day 19

The calculators have been working hard, as always, and the team has been working on The Dream and getting that working so we can put it on our practice robot to test it in conjunction with the catapult. We’ve also gotten our practice catapult to work and it has been making shots into the high goal.


Some of the builders have also been experimenting with different types of climber arms/manipulators. The CAD team has CADed some more wheels, worked on the assembly for the dream, and created the dimensions for our catapult. The code team has created their robot code framework, which is the code that we use as a basis for integrating our own code into the framework.


Our shop open house is tomorrow and Saturday. This is for members of the community to have a chance to see what we do during build season and learn about the shop and the machines in the shop. They will be from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Friday, and 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Build Season Day 4

It is about halfway through the first week of build season, and lots of progress is being made on the various prototypes.  The main shooter prototype has been created, and is firing consistently firing high enough to reach the top goal on the tower.  Various intakes designs have been made, and are looking promising in both CAD and real life.

The CAD team has been working on deciding the frame dimensions and the placement of the gearboxes, and the build team members are hard at work creating a wooden frame to mount the prototypes on. The team is narrowing down the final aspects of design and strategy, and will be deciding on that in the days to come.

1-13-16 pic 1


Build Season Day 1 – Stronghold!

The team is already hard at work on the most exciting challenge in years. FRC Stronghold will require a robot that can manipulate and cross over rough terrain as well as shoot foam balls into a goal. In addition, the robot will be able to climb a bar on the other alliance’s side of the field for extra points.

Prototyping and strategy discussion is already in full swing, and it looks to be a promising season. Both the Calculators and the ERRORS are working together to construct field elements for testing, and are projected to finish by the end of week one. Shooter designs and an innovative drivetrain are some of the many things we have to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Trap Update


Today a few team members spent some time at the shop fixing up Trap’s bumpers to prepare him for the 3M Robots Invade the Plaza tomorrow while a few others finished up Atlas for the Symantec Pinic on Monday.


After a few hours of making buttons and working on the robots, we loaded up what we needed for the demo and left the shop. A big shout out to the group of students and mentors that worked long and diligent hours in the shop to get Trap and Atlas done.


Team Picnic at Pioneer Park

The Calculators held our second team picnic on Friday at Pioneer Park. The turnout was greater than last time, with close to 40 people. We had a mentor graciously provide us with a grill and ended with a great summer spread of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and fruit. IMG_6070-M

Everyone had a great time, including guests from Woodbury High School! Among the activities were Frisbee, quadcopter flying, and a reenactment of the 2009 FRC game, Lunacy. We hope to continue these picnics throughout the summer and into the fall.


Build Update – BAG DAY

We’re a little late on sharing this post for the final day of build, which was on Tuesday–everyone just had to go home and catch up on sleep for a couple days.

We did it! We bagged a robot. Another crazy six weeks have flown by. We would say we’re sad to see it end, but our Duluth regional is coming up next weekend, so we don’t have to wait for long before we get to see our robot again.


Look for some awesome media stuff coming up in the next few days: we should have a build season wrap up and a robot release video soon!

Build Update- Day 45

One day to go!! It was a very busy day at the shop, with students arriving at 10am to start working on wrapping everything up. We spent most of the day working on fixing the flaws we found in Robot 1 at Week 0.  We have made adjustments to our tote elevator as well as the drive train and so far our fixes to these mechanisms seem to be improvements!  Robot 2 is also coming along-and we just have some last wiring and pneumatics to hook up.  We are still debating our official robot name, but that final decision will be made tomorrow!


It should be an exciting night of finishing touches on the robots and gathering footage for our reveal video! Watch for our final build update tomorrow night after the bot is in the bag!

Build Update – Day 44

Today was another busy–and slightly stressful–day at the shop! After discovering that we needed to make some changes yesterday at the week zero event, we were hard at work all day trying to figure out how to fix everything.

Fortunately, some things are starting to look better already! We moved around the pivot points on our intake, which is now stronger and works more effectively, and we spent lots of time adjusting our tote elevator.

We’re still working on building a second bot, so we’ll see how that plays out! The end of build season always comes much faster than we expect it to. Luckily, we’re still finding the time to have some fun and enjoy the build: right now, we’re also busy debating our robot’s name for the season. It’s a tough choice!

With President’s Day tomorrow, we’ll be able to spend a couple extra hours in the shop–it should be a productive day!