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Gitchi Gummi

This past weekend was a blast at the Gitchi Gummi Get Together hosted by the Duluth East Daredevils (2512). This was our first pre-season event with incoming rookies who were ready to get involved and helped them start to figure out what they want to do on the team. This event offered everyone on the team the opportunity to drive the robot and work in the pit. Some matches went well and others not so well and things broke but it gave the incoming rookies a look at what could happen during a regional with little time between matches.


On the second day, we were picked by fourth seed alliance captain, Rock Solid Robotics (4656), and assisted them alongside the Granite City Gear Heads (3244). We won our first semi-finals match against the first seed alliance and lost the second one. We went into the third match and had to replay it because one of the defenses got knocked out of place. After restarting it, a defense got knocked out of place again. In the final replay, we ended up losing the match. We then played one last match to decide who would be third place. Our alliance ended up winning the match and placed third.

Overall, the event was fun and a great opportunity for everyone on the team and a huge shoutout to the Daredevils for hosting the event for the third time. Now, we have time to prepare and fix the things needed for upcoming events like Woodbury Days and the Minnesota Robotics Invitational.

Minnie Mini Regional

This past Saturday, we went down to Prior Lake to compete at the Minnie Mini Regional hosted by team 2169, King TeC. The competition started out fairly well with almost everything working. We had rookie drivers as well as our primary drivers competing and everything went smoothly with minimal mishaps and breaks.


We were the first place team for a while but ended up being the captains of the second seed alliance after the qualification matches ended. The first team to join us was team 4536, MinuteBots. Then we chose team 3102, TNT, as our second choice. Finally, team 4687, Spartans, were chosen as the backup team on the alliance.


The first match of the elimination rounds was a hard one to watch because our robot didn’t work for reasons unknown. Thankfully, we got it up and running again for the other elimination matches. Coming back from a not-so-good start, we were able to boost our average and end up taking the third place alliance spot. We even made two five stacks capped with a container and noodle in sixty seconds which is the fastest time we’ve ever done that.


Overall, the whole team had lots of fun and we can’t wait for kickoff in six weeks.

Minnesota Robotics Invitational

This past Saturday, we went to Roseville High School to attend the Minnesota Robotics invitational. While there, we got to see many teams we don’t normally see as well as a few that we see often. It was a great opportunity for the new members of the team to find out what it is like at a competition and it gave them a chance to interact with other teams and begin to find their place within the team.


Though the robot wasn’t completely operational until the later matches, we were picked by the third seed captain, team 4536, MinuteBots, as the first choice. We were joined by the Royal T-Wrecks and Firebears for the second and third pick. We didn’t make it past semi-finals but were the third place alliance.


Overall, we had loads of fun interacting with all the teams and competing again with our Recycle Rush robot. We can’t wait to attend the Minnie Mini-Regional competition on November 21st.

3M Robots Invade the Plaza


Yesterday we attended the 3M Robots Invade the Plaza with fourteen other FRC Teams sponsored by 3M including the E.R.R.O.R.s, the Royal T-Wrecks, the Data Bits, and Blue Twilight. Employees and their kids were able to drive a variety of robots including our robot, Trap. We handed out custom made buttons to the people who came by to drive and shoot the frisbees.


The day was very windy which made the frisbees go a lot higher and farther than usual. Some of the E.R.R.O.R.s started playing a game to see who could catch the most frisbees out of the robot making it fun for everyone there. After participating in the robot parade, we continued allowing others to drive and even knocked over a tote stack with the robot. The teams then joined in the cafeteria for lunch and cake while Blue Twilight thanked 3Mgives on behalf of all the teams sponsored by them.


We’ll be heading to Symantec in Roseville on Monday with Trap and Atlas to demo at their company picnic.

Ramsey County Fair Demo


We demoed at Ramsey County Fair on Sunday. With us were four other FRC teams: KnightCrawler, MPArors, MinuteBots, and Firebears. We were given a tent to set up in and display our robot and bling. The calculators quickly moved outside to give our robot Trap plenty of space to fire frisbees. We let kids drive the robot and handed out pamphlets from FIRST to parents explaining what we do as a robotics team. In all, we had about 20-30 kids drive around and shoot frisbees, many with big smiles on their faces.


When we were in the lull periods of the fair, we made time to play some basketball. The KnightCrawlers had their 2012 Rebound Rumble bot with them, and were shooting baskets into a Recycle Rush container held by the Minutebots 2015 robot. The also shot basketballs at Trap for him to bring back to to be reloaded. All in all, this was a very successful demo. Thank you to all the teams who joined us and special thanks to Ramsey County Fair who donated to the team after the event concluded. Look for us soon at the State Fair and 3M.