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Build Update- Day 20

Day 20 was spent mostly working on machining parts for the elevator and prototyping for the forklift. All the box tube pieces for the first elevator are now finished, and we are making good progress on the 40 standoffs/spacers necessary for the design. Assembly of the corner joints / bearing blocks will begin tomorrow after the spacers needed to correct the bearing placement arrive.

Polycarbonate gusset plates for prototyping were added to the forklift design and tested. There is a link below showing Walter standing on the forklift. We’ll be working more on making the design stronger and reducing stress points, along with getting the geometry and measurements of the design correct.

Fork Lift Testing

The “bridge tube” design for the drive base will be machined by Phillips Medisize tomorrow. In addition, the sheet metal parts for the drive base and elevator supports were sent out to Harvey Vogel yesterday and should be machined soon.

Good work everybody, keep it up! We’re making good progress on the robot.

Weekly Update 4

We’re two-thirds of the way through the season? WHOA! At least the robot is two-thirds complete, right?


Well, regardless, we have another lovely update to show you how the robot is coming. Building is well underway, and our CAD work this year should help us make this year’s robot our best ever!