Build Update – Lots of Days

Yeah, we’ve lost track.

Our last few days have been so busy at the shop that we haven’t even had time to blog! Our biggest accomplishment over the weekend is that WE NOW HAVE A ROBOT. Ok, it’s our practice bot, but it looks amazing! It’s almost completely wired, pneumatics are done, and all of the parts have been added except for the bumpers. And… we’re going to be driving it for the first time TONIGHT! We’ve also got a nice start on our actual┬árobot, having completed the entire drive base. I wish I could show a picture of the robot, but unfortunately I’m not able to yet. You’ll have to wait for the unveil video!

On Saturday we sent a small team down to the FLL state tournament, where we showed off our state champion robot Trap to the teams there. Kids enjoyed driving the robot, and a few also got the pleasure of watching it shoot. Altogether it was a successful venture!

Just a few more things of note: up above I said that the bumpers had not been added, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t working on them! They’re almost completed, and once again they look wonderful! Our new pit continues to be assembled, and we’ve also started working on a new drive station! We were well due for an upgrade. And one last thing; on Sunday we had a small group of people practice driving Trap through an obstacle course, which I really only note because it was super fun! Nothing is quite as exciting as controlling one of your own creations.

So that’s what’s been happening! Of course, there’s been more going on, but this is only a blog post, not an essay. Hopefully we’ll soon get a mini video update out so you can see a little bit of what I’m talking about.

And now I must leave, for our robot is ready to DRIVE!!!