Build Update – Days 36 and 37

We’ve only got nine days left of build season and things are getting a little hectic here in the shop!

We’re still working on attaching our elevators to the current drive base, and are busy machining all the parts for a second robot. If all goes well, we’ll receive our final machined parts from sponsors tomorrow (thanks, sponsors!) and be able to start assembling lots of different things.IMG_2979

Today in the shop, we got to test lots of code stuff with our elevator, which was really cool! We’re trying out new code things that we’ve never done before, which has been a great learning experience. The electronics on the robot are almost completely laid out, and we spent the majority of the day cutting tons of different pieces for both this robot and our second one.IMG_2982

Hopefully, we’ll be ready to go with at least one robot by this Saturday for a week zero event at Centennial High School! We’ll be releasing more info about our regional events soon, but save the dates of February 25-28, the Northern Lights Regional up in Duluth, and April 1-4, the North Star Regional at Mariucci Arena here in the Twin Cities.