Build Update – Day 44

Today was another busy–and slightly stressful–day at the shop! After discovering that we needed to make some changes yesterday at the week zero event, we were hard at work all day trying to figure out how to fix everything.

Fortunately, some things are starting to look better already! We moved around the pivot points on our intake, which is now stronger and works more effectively, and we spent lots of time adjusting our tote elevator.

We’re still working on building a second bot, so we’ll see how that plays out! The end of build season always comes much faster than we expect it to. Luckily, we’re still finding the time to have some fun and enjoy the build: right now, we’re also busy debating our robot’s name for the season. It’s a tough choice!

With President’s Day tomorrow, we’ll be able to spend a couple extra hours in the shop–it should be a productive day!