Build Update- Day 33

It is now day 33 of build season. The intake was mounted to the elevator and more pneumatics work was done. Drivers and coders also spent time testing the robot. Our intake with the cube clears the scale at it’s highest orientation with plenty of room to spare. In addition, machining for the parts of the final robot elevator began today. Clearance was changed slightly, but the design of the elevator remains almost completely the same. Videos of the elevator in action are below.

Video 1

Video 2

In the following days, we will be trying to reduce the weight of the intake, as requires a lot of force to lift off the ground and puts strain on the elevator. We will also be designing a climbing device and experimenting with the possibility of a forklift in CAD.

Walter is very pleased

The Woodie Flowers nomination and essay were turned in today. Congratulations to Mr. Eke for being this year’s nominee!