Build Update- Day 30

Yesterday, we worked on testing the practice robot and assembling the final robot. We worked on final touches of the drivetrain of the final robot and the electronics team worked on pneumatics of the final robot and on CAN wiring of the final robot. Testing of the final robot went well, and we got the elevator successfully moving up and down. Though the elevator is going faster than we want right now, we’re working on perfecting it. 

Today, we worked on machining parts for the intake. More work was done on wire managing the two robots. Almost all parts of the intake were machined and part of it was assembled, but the rest of the parts will be finished and assembled at the practice field tomorrow (6140 Claude Way in South St. Paul). As a reminder, we will NOT be in the shop tomorrow due to caucuses. We will be practicing driving the robot and completing the intake actuation system. 

The Chairman’s essay is in its final stages of writing and is going through proofreading before being submitted. The Chairman’s video is also being edited currently, with all the interviews done.