Build Update – Day 3-Days-To-Ship

As promised, here’s a more detailed update on what all has been happening over the last couple days!

We’ve been busy working on both our practice robot and our final bot–last night, we finally finished up just about everything on the practice robot, which we then took to a practice regional today. Our final bot is about halfway done, because we wanted to wait and see how the practice robot performed today.IMG_9025 That leads me right into today: it went GREAT! We weren’t sure what to expect, but this is one of the first years that we had a working robot at a week zero scrimmage (shoutout to the Centurions and KnightKrawler for hosting)! We were able to pick up and shoot, with just a couple minor hitches throughout the day. Now we know what our robot’s flaws are and have the next three days to make the slight alterations and finish up the final bot. It was lots of fun to see everyone else’s robot, and now we’re even more excited for our regionals to come!IMG_8938

In other news, the new team shirts came yesterday, and we got to use parts of our new pit today at the scrimmage.IMG_8904

We have three days left, and we’ve already gone through over forty. It seems crazy how every season goes by so quickly. It’s not quite over yet, but we’d still like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, from parents to sponsors to community members. You guys are the best!

Look for some fun videos after Tuesday, when build is over and we have a little more time. We’ll try to put up that video update we’ve been talking about for a while, and there’ll be a robot release, too!