Build Update- Day 29

We have a drive train!

Tonight was a big night at the shop for The Fighting Calculators! We officially have a drive train and had the opportunity to spend a few minute driving around the shop tonight-confirming that we can indeed move! While we have nothing mounted on the drive train yet, just seeing it drive around was exciting and encouraging as week 4 wraps up.  We’re don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here’s a little sneak peak of our new drive train!


We also started assembling one of our elevators, and as this gets put together we are realizing just how tall the robot will be this year!  With parts constantly being machined we have been able to break down into smaller task groups to focus on assembling  various mechanisms on the robot.  Of course, as we start to bring all these pieces together we are finding plenty of little flaws and places for improvement.   We are keeping a complete list of all of these things, and we’re hoping that finding these issues in the practice robot will lead to a better developed competition robot.


It’s really starting to feel like things are coming together-stay tuned for an exciting  week 5!