Build Update- Day 28

Assembly is happening!!

We are finally starting to put together parts for the robot so the shop was a flurry of activity today.  The drive train is starting to come together, and with that we’ve discovered a few problems with our original design.  These issues have been minor, like rivets in the way of gears, and so far we’ve been able to make a few small adjustment to correct these things.

IMG_4713 (1)

A few other mechanisms that we have begun assembling include the container grabber, the elevator, and the wheeled intake.  While progress is definitely being made we still have a lot of work in front of us, including continued milling and lathing as we begin making pieces for the second robot.


We also had our first successful night of hosting an open house at the shop.  We enjoyed showing family, friends, and sponsors around to see our prototypes, CAD drawings, and the beginnings of our drive train.  If you haven’t had a chance to come in yet- swing by tomorrow afternoon between 1-4 pm to check out the excitement!