Build update – Day 27

With half of our team preparing for their Nordic skiing conference championship race tomorrow (good luck!) and the other half helping out at our high school’s open house (some of whom were presenting to people about team 2175 and FIRST), we had a pretty quiet night at the shop. More machining was done on parts for our drive train, however, all of which should be completed and put together in the next few days!

Of course, we also spent a lot of time cleaning up and preparing for the open house tomorrow and Saturday! We’ll be open tomorrow from 4:30-6:30, so if you happen to be in the area please stop by! Just head in through the East Ridge activities entrance and follow the signs to the shop. We’ll be giving tours, offering a photo op with last year’s state champion robot, Atlas, and providing a bunch of information on the team’s history. Of course, refreshments will be available too.

2015-01-29 20.13.30

We hope to see everyone there!