Build Update- Day 27

Our second meeting discussing climbing options was today. During the meeting, we narrowed down the ideal position of the climber to be at the back of the robot. Because of the width of the bumpers, climbing from the side of the robot would be very difficult. Climbing from the front of the robot would also be very difficult because the intake is in the way in both actuation positions. In addition, it was decided that climbing by taking up only half the distance on the bar was not worth it, as the bumpers already take up a majority of the space and it would only be beneficial if a significant number of teams were planning to do the same (which we know they aren’t from our pre-scouting information).

The forklift idea is lowest on our priority list due to the other more important subsystems that need to be developed and the difficulty of incorporating it into our robot design. Currently, ideas for climber hooks and ways to make it stronger are being explored. They will be tested once the elevator rigged up and working. Our small bearings for the elevator arrived today, so mounting of the elevator to the drivetrain began.

(WordPress won’t let me turn the photos upright, but if you turn your head 90 degrees it looks right)

Machining of the intake will begin soon once the CAD design is finished and drawings are made. Thank you to Bridgette for pre-scouting (stalking) the other teams we will be competing against at Duluth, to Mr. Langseth for spending a lot of time ordering our robot parts, and to Mrs. Pothos for providing┬áthe photos for today’s blog.