Build Update- Day 26

It is now day 26 of build season, and we have a little less than 3 weeks left. Today was mostly spent assembling the drive train of the robot. The gearboxes, wheels, and most of the electronics are now on the practice robot. At this point, our drivetrain is about 50 pounds. In addition, the new flatter nuts for the elevator arrived and were switched out on the elevator. The other bearings for the elevator will hopefully arrive soon so assembly of the elevator can be finished and it can be mounted on the drive train.


Mentors hard at work

We also had the team meeting discussing the current plan for the climber and possible forklift. We have decided to think about the different possibilities and come back tomorrow for another discussion after dinner. The screenshots of the CAD model shown during the meeting will be included below for further analyzing. Please review them before tomorrow. Note that the CAD model below does not include the intake, which will actuate up and down on the side with the box tubes sticking out of the elevator. Also note the position of the center of gravity (weird floaty thing), although that is calculated without the weight of the intake. Please feel free to throw out any ideas for the climber you may have.

Top View

Side View

Top of Elevator and Climbing Bar

Top View of Robot Side Orientation

Isometric View of Robot Side Orientation