Build Update – Day 24

Another Monday done, and we’re starting to feel the time crunch! Luckily, there’s been lots going on in the shop, and we’ve been making progress–even if it doesn’t always feel like it.IMG_2236

The milling continues, and we have several super cool pieces already done. The CAD team is still working hard, and is hoping to be completely done in just a couple days. Our code crew is hard at work, with an ambitious plan to make several different autonomous modes. IMG_2292

Any free time is spent teaching new members and finishing all of the other little things we need to do before competition season begins. Today, we had several team members learning how to weld and lathe, and another group working on fixing up our pit.IMG_2289

Remember, our shop open house will be this Friday and Saturday-come stop by and see everything that’s going on in person!