Build update – Day 21

almost halfway through the build season now, and we’re finally starting to see some visible progress on the robot. We now have one of our drive sides completely machined, and the second should be done tomorrow. We also took the time to finalize the geometry¬†of our “Lobster Claws,” part of our device to intake the totes.

2015-01-23 22.32.49

Two of our team members also went out to represent FIRST and team 2175 at the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala tonight, courtesy of our new sponsors over at the YMCA. They had a great night networking with business professionals and promoting FIRST to members of the Chamber!

Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a demonstration for an FLL tournament at the Washington County Magnet School. To prepare, some team members spent some time ensuring that last year’s robot, Atlas, was in working order. If you’re in the St. Paul area tomorrow afternoon, try and stop by!

2015-01-23 22.32.38