Build Update – Day 11

Hello again!


Our first exciting update is the status of our new practice field. A group of parents, mentors, and Symantec volunteers worked in the wood shop for much of the day on Saturday to construct the perimeter, human player stations, and driver stations for the 2015 field.    Other local teams, the Data Bits (3883), Royal T-Wrecks (3206), and the ERRORS (3130), will soon be bringing over the step and platforms so we will have a fully functioning field soon!  We are very grateful to the Symantec volunteers for making this possible!


Tonight, we worked on finishing up the last of our prototypes, and have now tested just about every aspect of what we currently think will be our final robot design.  That means there is now lots or work for students to do on CAD!


Our design team is also hard at work making buttons and we have even have some cute miniature 3D printed totes.  The awards committee is starting to write some drafts and discuss plans for Chairmans.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the shop is still a flurry of activity and everyone is being kept very busy.