Build Season Day 14

The intake mechanism was chosen tonight. We are going with an intake dubbed as “The Dream” instead of a roller bar intake. For everyone wondering what “The Dream” is, you’ll just have to stick around until the end of build season to find out!


Today was a slower day without many people in the shop but a lot of stuff got done today. The awards team met and started talking about the different awards and even made a few decisions for some of the awards this season. CADers are busier than ever as they start working on CADing the real robot. With all the stuff going on there is certainly no shortage of work to be done.


Milling continues and the millers were hard at work today and finished up the stuff they had been working on for a bit which means that once parts are finished in CAD, the machinists can quickly get on top of machining final parts for both the practice robot and the competition robot.