Blog Update-Day 10

Despite the frigid temperatures outside, we have been very productive inside!  Tonight, lots of work was done on the pushing device for the totes, which currently consists of a piece of box tube on two belts run off of a drill. The low quality zip tie connection and lack of bearings are a little sketchy, but the prototype was still able to successfully push three totes off pieces of poly-carb supporting the handles of the totes.


The CAD team has also been busy at work, and the builders are excited to start constructing some of the pieces that have been drawn up. The coders worked more with the encoders, and their test results have been successful so far.


More work was also put into prototyping devices that deploy into the bins during autonomous mode. If they work, these could easily be considered the coolest thing on our robot. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our week one update to see all of the different options we have been working on!

That’s all for today folks, hope you’re as excited as we are for another exciting day of build season tomorrow!