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Build Update- Day 39

The intake wheels we have been using have sold out. Because they are prone to wear, we needed another solution. We 3D printed a mold and used it to make a cast silicone wheel. We have yet to try it on the intake, but it seems promising. Tonight we recieved laser cut parts from Harvey Vogel. This meant that we could begin forming the climber as well as the intake. I forgot to take pictures of them, but Anna and Emma made them look really rad so I’ll send some out tomorrow. We need to have the final robot done by Saturday so we will better know how it performs in comp. We are approaching the end of week six. We’ve only got six weeks. All hands on deck, lets make this one count.



Build Update – Day 24

Our order of laser cut aluminum from Harvey Vogel was delayed, so we spent most of today planning. Trevor and Sharon did some calculations to figure out the ideal gear reduction for the elevator as well as the climber, and assembled gearboxes for them. Samuel made some modifications to the intake design, so we should be able to begin manufacturing parts in the coming days. With some unforeseen concerns about intake actuation, Anna made a quick sketch of the dimensions in CAD. As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. Ben Haland began manufacturing final climbing hooks, as well as planning out the arm for them to mount to. The Harvey Vogel parts are predicted to be cut tomorrow. Once those are done, we can assemble both drive trains and elevator for the practice robot. Things are looking promising.

10/28/2017 Off Season Update

Many of the projects the team took on this off summer are very nearly finished. Last week, we finished a new driver station built from leftover sheet metal from the off season robot. This new driver station has several distinct advantages. It is significantly lighter, has more horizontal storage, and is slightly lower than our previous design. The latter is an improvement from a driver’s perspective, as it offers more control.

The electronics team has been busy working on a new battery cart. Our main objective is to end up with something that is more maneuverable, and, more importantly’ small enough to get into a car.

I know many of you know what we have been working on this summer, but I will provide a brief summary anyway. We wanted to try out several strategies employed by other teams, namely a turreted shooter and a sheet metal drive train. Both are complete from a build perspective save one sensor wire, and both have been a great success. This past week we are working on finishing the intake and climber superstructure. Both are partially based on last years design. Although the team didn’t try anything new with these designs, I know at least five people became more well versed in the shop while working on them. Props every single one of you.

Also remember that your team forms for the 2017-2018 season are due next Tuesday, October 31st.

Below you can find a brief video of the robot raining fuel onto Jack.