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Build Update- Day 28

Toady we spent most of our time continuing assembly of the practice robot. The main breaker was mounted to one of the elevator supports and our 2 gauge wire was routed to it, this means our robot is now capable of turning on. Addie finished wiring and managing the can wire, so the robot’s main electronics are essentially finished.

More work was also done on the elevator, Walter spent some time connecting a chain run from the motor to the elevator in order to drive the second stage up. Then a pulley was mounted to the top of the second stage and Kevlar rope was run through the pulley, connected to the third stage and a stable bar to create the cascading effect. Finally the constant force spring was mounted, and has presented some difficulties with attaching to the elevator, I would like to remind people to not touch this spring as it could snap and cut you, hands and fingers away at all times.

A group of people have started assembling the final robot gearboxes, which should be put in the final chassis soon. Final robot electronics have been prepped and we started to put them in the robot.