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Build Update – Day 14

Hey, guys! Today was pretty crazy! The mechanism to pick up the containers has been greatly improved. We can now bring it in to the robot for compactness. There have also been some changes to our drive train, fitting it into the robot better.


We also went to the practice space and to our awesome new field. There the drivers got an idea of what driving in this game will be like. Eastridge and Woodbury were there too, and we discussed our designs so for. Unfortunately, practice was cut short when speed controllers cut out and died. We’re hoping for a productive weekend!IMG_20150116_205621452

Build Update – Day 13

Today was another day full of ideas and refining prototypes. We’re beginning work on the elevator mechanism to lift the game pieces. The Drivetrain is going through another iteration. We’re hoping to improve handling and make more space for the rather large mechanisms that cover our robot. The programmers have begun modeling the systems and subsystems in preparation for a full robot code.

CAD is also picking up, leaving the CAD team up to their necks in things to do. The robot has been almost entirely sketched by now, and we have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like. We’ve even been coming up with ideas for names already!

Daily Update – 1/4/15

Hello, Calculator fans. We’ve almost grasped the strategy for the new game, and the shop has been abuzz with testing and prototyping. Multiple methods have been devised for manipulating game pieces, giving us lots of options. And it’s only the first day! IMG_1802The team implementing the new control system has also wired Greg’s drive train, and has successfully moved the chassis. Tomorrow, the whole team will decide which drive train to use. While a tank drive would provide high traction and speed, a slide drive would mean the ability to move side to side, therein meaning faster placement of stacks. It’s amazing how much we’ve been able to complete in just one day, but we still have a lot more work ahead of us.



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