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Build Season Day 20

Today was the first day of the Fighting Calculators Open House. If you missed coming to the shop today, drop by tomorrow from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and see what the Calculators have been working on so far this build season.

In between cookies and brownies, the Calculators have been working on and fine tuning prototypes. They also created a prototype frame with regards to the dimensions the CADers have worked out. The dream and the shooter are looking good, and are becoming more refined every day.

The Calculators also had the chance today to train in two new members to the lathe, and show some others the mill. This should make machining parts much easier and more efficient later in the season when we are assembling our final robot.

Build Season Day 4

It is about halfway through the first week of build season, and lots of progress is being made on the various prototypes.  The main shooter prototype has been created, and is firing consistently firing high enough to reach the top goal on the tower.  Various intakes designs have been made, and are looking promising in both CAD and real life.

The CAD team has been working on deciding the frame dimensions and the placement of the gearboxes, and the build team members are hard at work creating a wooden frame to mount the prototypes on. The team is narrowing down the final aspects of design and strategy, and will be deciding on that in the days to come.

1-13-16 pic 1


Build Season Day 3

Today has been a whirlwind of CADing and prototyping. Amidst solidworks crashes, our CADers have sketched out plans for our intake and shooter, and are working out our frame dimensions and drive train. We had the delightful problem of not enough work for our CADers to do, so they spread out and worked on prototypes.

2 robot pic 1-12-16

We have created prototypes of our intake and our shooter, and are working out kinks in their designs. In addition to that, a few or our new team members are being trained into electronics as we wire up a drive train to test wheels.

1 Robot pic 1-12-16

Our subteam organization is at the best it has ever been, and we are looking forward to the rest of the build season!