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Build Update- Day 35

Yesterday the build team worked hard on perfecting the intake and testing different roller bars, which included covering a noodle in silicone, which worked, and is super cool. Build also worked on machining parts for the elevator for the final robot.

The robot killing Trevor 

Of course, we also did a lot more testing on the intake and on the elevator.

CAD worked on developing possible climber ideas and designing them.

Today, build did more work on the machining of elevator parts for the final robot and electronics worked on wiring the final robot and made some changes on the practice robot wiring. We also now have a solid climber arm prototype.

Testing to make sure the climber bar is sturdy, (it was definitely sturdy)

Build also spent more time perfecting the intake. Lots of work was also done on the elevator, making it less wobbly, and working out any problems we found when we were practicing.

Bridgette successfully carrying an unreasonable amount of cubes while packing for the field house

We ended day 35 by heading over to the field house. We practiced cycling cubes while testing our elevator and intake. Videos of testing can be found below

Video 1

Video 2

Ten days left!



Build Update- Day 19

Tonight was spent working on more machining of the aluminum stock pieces for the elevator. CAD worked hard on making more drawings, and sending off the gusset plate designs to Harvey Vogel. There was also work on the forklift prototypes and ideas and work on putting together wheels.

Build Update- Day 16

The robot layout is mostly decided upon. The distance from the front frame rail to the front of the elevator is seventeen inches. We have decided on combining the two intakes, the 2015 style intake and the roller bar intake. We are hoping the intake will be around ten pounds, and we’re still deciding over what the roller bar will be made out of. The prototype for the intake actuator was successful and it uses dual pistons so we can have two positions for the intake and surgical tubing to assist actuation. We also discussed our climbing priorities list which is:

  1. Climb from front of bar
  2. Climb from side  of bar
  3. Multiple hooks for different climbing orientations
  4. Lowest priority = picking someone else up / forklift