Monthly Archives: January 2016

Build Season Day 2 – Stronghold!

Day 2 of build season and the team is hard at work with prototyping and talking strategy for the game. The veteran team members have been helping the new team members finding their place on the team and getting them into the grove of things. With everybody hard at work, a lot is getting done whether it be working on protyping, CADing, or a multitude of other things.


The subteam leads had their first “stand up” today and discussed the progress being made. After the discussion, the leads then met with their teams and began working again. As the field elements are being finished up, the Calculators have been working on ways to get across the different types of defenses and into the other alliance’s courtyard.


With all the different designs of shooters, intakes, and drivetrains being tested, the team has lots to do in the days to come. Check back in tomorrow for another update.

Build Season Day 1 – Stronghold!

The team is already hard at work on the most exciting challenge in years. FRC Stronghold will require a robot that can manipulate and cross over rough terrain as well as shoot foam balls into a goal. In addition, the robot will be able to climb a bar on the other alliance’s side of the field for extra points.

Prototyping and strategy discussion is already in full swing, and it looks to be a promising season. Both the Calculators and the ERRORS are working together to construct field elements for testing, and are projected to finish by the end of week one. Shooter designs and an innovative drivetrain are some of the many things we have to look forward to in the coming weeks.