Monthly Archives: August 2015

3M Robots Invade the Plaza


Yesterday we attended the 3M Robots Invade the Plaza with fourteen other FRC Teams sponsored by 3M including the E.R.R.O.R.s, the Royal T-Wrecks, the Data Bits, and Blue Twilight. Employees and their kids were able to drive a variety of robots including our robot, Trap. We handed out custom made buttons to the people who came by to drive and shoot the frisbees.


The day was very windy which made the frisbees go a lot higher and farther than usual. Some of the E.R.R.O.R.s started playing a game to see who could catch the most frisbees out of the robot making it fun for everyone there. After participating in the robot parade, we continued allowing others to drive and even knocked over a tote stack with the robot. The teams then joined in the cafeteria for lunch and cake while Blue Twilight thanked 3Mgives on behalf of all the teams sponsored by them.


We’ll be heading to Symantec in Roseville on Monday with Trap and Atlas to demo at their company picnic.

Trap Update


Today a few team members spent some time at the shop fixing up Trap’s bumpers to prepare him for the 3M Robots Invade the Plaza tomorrow while a few others finished up Atlas for the Symantec Pinic on Monday.


After a few hours of making buttons and working on the robots, we loaded up what we needed for the demo and left the shop. A big shout out to the group of students and mentors that worked long and diligent hours in the shop to get Trap and Atlas done.