Monthly Archives: July 2015

Ramsey County Fair Demo


We demoed at Ramsey County Fair on Sunday. With us were four other FRC teams: KnightCrawler, MPArors, MinuteBots, and Firebears. We were given a tent to set up in and display our robot and bling. The calculators quickly moved outside to give our robot Trap plenty of space to fire frisbees. We let kids drive the robot and handed out pamphlets from FIRST to parents explaining what we do as a robotics team. In all, we had about 20-30 kids drive around and shoot frisbees, many with big smiles on their faces.


When we were in the lull periods of the fair, we made time to play some basketball. The KnightCrawlers had their 2012 Rebound Rumble bot with them, and were shooting baskets into a Recycle Rush container held by the Minutebots 2015 robot. The also shot basketballs at Trap for him to bring back to to be reloaded. All in all, this was a very successful demo. Thank you to all the teams who joined us and special thanks to Ramsey County Fair who donated to the team after the event concluded. Look for us soon at the State Fair and 3M.


Team Picnic at Pioneer Park

The Calculators held our second team picnic on Friday at Pioneer Park. The turnout was greater than last time, with close to 40 people. We had a mentor graciously provide us with a grill and ended with a great summer spread of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and fruit. IMG_6070-M

Everyone had a great time, including guests from Woodbury High School! Among the activities were Frisbee, quadcopter flying, and a reenactment of the 2009 FRC game, Lunacy. We hope to continue these picnics throughout the summer and into the fall.