Monthly Archives: February 2015

Build Update-Day 34

With the season going by more quickly everyday, the shop gets busier every night.  We put in what should hopefully be our last parts’ order, so now we are just waiting for those to come in before we can finish assembling our first robot.   Our milling and lathing jobs are coming to an end as the machinists finish up making the first versions of all of our parts.  This means that assembly is starting to come along-our electronics team is busy at work-including preparing our new lights for the robot! We have been able to test one of our elevators by just lifting weights with the belt, and while we’ve had a few complications with the carriage we have been working on solutions this week and should have that fixed soon. Our container grabber has been assembled with the cylinders in place, but we have not attached any pneumatic tubes yet to test that.  We’re hopeful that this weekend we will be doing some final assembling of the robot so next week we can begin parts for a second bot! With the robot slowly starting to come to life we’re all getting more excited for Week 0!

Daily Update Day 33

The machinists are hard at work. The CAD team has been printing designs faster than the machinists can produce them. While they’ve been making parts, the rest of the builders have been assembling the robot. We now have a complete control system on the robot, which features a two level electronics system. The smell of solder fills the air, as our electronics team designs an efficient layout for easier servicing between matches. It’s super cool to see our robot coming together this quickly. Estimates give us ample time to finish and improve this robot in order to finish final competition bot. Week 0, here we come!

Build Update – Day 32

Another day closer to bag day and we keep inching towards our final robot! Our practice bot is nearly completely wired up, and work began today to get the pneumatics system set up. Almost all of the machining for the practice bot is complete as well, so all of the systems should be assembled within the next few days.


Thanks to the practice robot and being able to see how all the components are fitting together, the design team has been able to make their final tweaks to the robot CAD. The final parts orders are also being made, so we should soon have everything that we need to start putting together the final robot.

Thanks for sticking around and reading all of our updates throughout the season, and stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Build Update – Day 31

Happy Monday!  Unlike last night, tonight the shop was filled with people.  This made it a very successful and busy night for finalizing our 2015 practice robot.


Like usual, robot parts were completed on the lathe and mill for assembly.  Students and mentors were also continuing their work on our elevator and belly pan, while others were coding the lights for final placement and presentation.  Luckily, most of our parts are finally in and being organized for use.


It was a great Monday night we will see what is in store tomorrow…

Build Update – Day 30

Today was a quiet day at the shop since most of the team was home watching the Superbowl. Nonetheless, a lot of work was done today. Since one of our team’s welders was here today we got some more of the parts that needed to be welded done, and we were able to find some of the little kinks in our design so that our CADders could begin modifying them. photo 2

Along with fixing up our CAD, we also had some people working on assembling one of our elevators so that it runs nice and smooth. It was even working with an encoder tonight so that was an accomplishment towards finishing our practice robot and then moving onto assembling our competition robot. Even though we weren’t actively watching the football game, most of our team members went to watch the Half Time Show. While that was happening we had someone working on better placement of our electronics in on the belly pan. photo 3
It’s clear that week 5 is off to a good start and our practice robot should be done soon, which means that our competition robot will be done not long after once we get all the parts that we need. Make sure to check back for tomorrow’s update.