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Build Update – BAG DAY

We’re a little late on sharing this post for the final day of build, which was on Tuesday–everyone just had to go home and catch up on sleep for a couple days.

We did it! We bagged a robot. Another crazy six weeks have flown by. We would say we’re sad to see it end, but our Duluth regional is coming up next weekend, so we don’t have to wait for long before we get to see our robot again.


Look for some awesome media stuff coming up in the next few days: we should have a build season wrap up and a robot release video soon!

Build Update- Day 45

One day to go!! It was a very busy day at the shop, with students arriving at 10am to start working on wrapping everything up. We spent most of the day working on fixing the flaws we found in Robot 1 at Week 0.  We have made adjustments to our tote elevator as well as the drive train and so far our fixes to these mechanisms seem to be improvements!  Robot 2 is also coming along-and we just have some last wiring and pneumatics to hook up.  We are still debating our official robot name, but that final decision will be made tomorrow!


It should be an exciting night of finishing touches on the robots and gathering footage for our reveal video! Watch for our final build update tomorrow night after the bot is in the bag!

Build Update – Day 44

Today was another busy–and slightly stressful–day at the shop! After discovering that we needed to make some changes yesterday at the week zero event, we were hard at work all day trying to figure out how to fix everything.

Fortunately, some things are starting to look better already! We moved around the pivot points on our intake, which is now stronger and works more effectively, and we spent lots of time adjusting our tote elevator.

We’re still working on building a second bot, so we’ll see how that plays out! The end of build season always comes much faster than we expect it to. Luckily, we’re still finding the time to have some fun and enjoy the build: right now, we’re also busy debating our robot’s name for the season. It’s a tough choice!

With President’s Day tomorrow, we’ll be able to spend a couple extra hours in the shop–it should be a productive day!

Build Update – Week Zero Event!

Today was our first day “out on the field” with our robot for the season! We attended the Week Zero event at Centennial High School, hosted by The Centurions and KnightKrawler.

We spend the morning fixing up some final electronic and mechanical issues, and then participated in a couple practice matches. The practice matches were a great opportunity for us, and showed us that there are several things we still need to tweak a little bit!

However, we are excited about how well some aspects of our robot worked, and we’re hoping to figure out the kinks throughout these last few days of build season (additionally, there were a couple kinks in our camera upload…come back and check for pictures in the next few days).

Overall, today was a fun day–it was great to get out and play some matches and to see some other robots. We’re looking forward to the Duluth Regional in two weeks!

Build Update-Day 41

It’s safety animal announcement day!! One of the most important decisions of the season has been made public today: our 2015 safety animal will be a Safety Walrus!


Aside from this exciting news, things are still coming along nicely at the shop.  We have attached our elevator, and have now been testing our code with the container grabber carriage assembled.  We’ve also been busy tweaking various minor, initial issues in our design, including some belt tensioning problems.   We are also still making progress on our second robot, but right now the focus on that robot is still simply on assembling the drive train.  With one day left at the shop until Week 0 we still have lots of work to do, but the robot is definitely coming along!

Build Update – Day 40

Less than a week until bag day, and everybody is beginning to feel the pressure coming down! Thankfully, this is causing everyone to work at full throttle. The practice bot is almost completely assembled, with many of the components being full functionally. We also threw the robot on the scale tonight and, miraculously, it turns out we’re underweight! All of our parts for the final robot have arrived, and some team members have begun working on their assembly.


The Awards Committee is also proud to announce that both the Woodie Flower’s Finalist Award and Entrepreneurship Award have been completed and submitted. This is notably the first time in our team’s history that they were not completed hours before they were due!

Build Update – Day 39

The parts are here!  We are happy to announce that with only 7 days left until bag day and 3 days left until week 0, we busy at work on all aspects of our robot.


Almost all of the components are underway and/or completed.  It was great to see a ton of alumni, veteran, and new members working together as a team.  We are hoping tomorrow is as busy and productive as today!


Build Update- Day 38

Progress is still being made, slowly, but surely.  We are still waiting on parts from sponsors, so we spent the night at the shop doing as much as we could so that when the parts come tomorrow we are ready to go!  We finished our second set of drive rails tonight, as well as second parts for our container grabber.  The code team is still working hard on getting our elevator up and running, but we have had lots of success with that in the last few nights.


Students also began organizing electronics and motors for our second robot, but this cannot be fully assembled until we get our second belly pan from an outside company.  There’s lots of work to do still, so in this final week we’ll need all hands on deck at the shop!

Build Update – Days 36 and 37

We’ve only got nine days left of build season and things are getting a little hectic here in the shop!

We’re still working on attaching our elevators to the current drive base, and are busy machining all the parts for a second robot. If all goes well, we’ll receive our final machined parts from sponsors tomorrow (thanks, sponsors!) and be able to start assembling lots of different things.IMG_2979

Today in the shop, we got to test lots of code stuff with our elevator, which was really cool! We’re trying out new code things that we’ve never done before, which has been a great learning experience. The electronics on the robot are almost completely laid out, and we spent the majority of the day cutting tons of different pieces for both this robot and our second one.IMG_2982

Hopefully, we’ll be ready to go with at least one robot by this Saturday for a week zero event at Centennial High School! We’ll be releasing more info about our regional events soon, but save the dates of February 25-28, the Northern Lights Regional up in Duluth, and April 1-4, the North Star Regional at Mariucci Arena here in the Twin Cities.

Build Update- Day 35

Things are coming along at the shop, but we have lots of work ahead of us this weekend. We are still making some adjustments on our first set of drive rails, and we also spent quite a bit of time tonight working with the elevator.  With the carriage not riding completely steady, students have been working on a few different solutions to correct this issues.


The CAD team is still constantly printing new drawings, so there is no shortage of work for the millers and lathers.   We’re still focusing on a first robot, but if we have a very productive weekend, we’re hoping to start cutting blanks and working on duplicate pieces for our second robot next week. With just one week until our Week 0 event it’s crunch time at the shop, and with lots of final pieces being made it should be a busy weekend of assembling!