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Blog Update- Day 19

Tonight was a big night of machining at the shop!  We worked on milling parts for the container elevator system as well as parts of the drive train.  We also had a few students working on the lathe on the hubs for our wheels.


As we wait for more drawings from our ever-busy CAD team, students have worked on getting some side projects done before the major building time begins.  Our battery cart has fallen into a sad state of disrepair so a group of students have been doing some woodworking to make a new face plate for that.  We also have been using this down time in the waiting-for-CAD stage to continue to train our rookie team members on the more complex machinery so they are ready when we start more machining for the practice and final robots.


Should be a busy last half of week 3!!

Build Update – Day 18

Hey, guys! Today was another busy day for the CAD team as they are getting drawings ready for the machinists to begin construction. The machinists have begun some basic building like cutting down the driverail. They will be having a more difficult time this year, as our gearbox now exists within the rail its self. The effort will pay off with decreased weight and size, leaving more room for our awesome mechanisms.



We’re also adding a new member to our team! Meet Mr. Potato.


Mr. Potato will be helping us test some dimensions and restrictions. He’s been equipped with our custom wheel assemblies, and there’s more to come when our mechanisms take shape.



Build Update- Day 17

The building continues!

After a quick break in the action yesterday to do some major shop clean up, we are back to working hard on CAD, code, and building.  Our code team is continuing to work on getting the encoders ready, and the CAD team has made enough progress to print some actual dimensions for students to use out in the shop.


Tonight, students worked on milling some parts for the drive train.  The goal was to figure out the most efficient way to machine these parts before mass production begins for the pieces for the final robot.


Our wheels and other exciting things arrived in boxes at the shop today, so there was lots of inventorying happening as we were reminded once again just how fast build season is flying by.  There will be more CAD ready every day now, so the builders will have lots to do in these next few weeks!

Check out our week 2 video update if you haven’t yet!

Build Update – Day 15

Wow. So, it’s day 15 already. We’re over two weeks into build season. It’s a good thing we had another design review meeting today!IMG_2191

We think that we’ve got our robot figured out, and now we’re just working on refining some prototypes and adjusting all the little things. The CADders are hard at work, and, with luck, we’ll be able to start building some parts for our robot based off of the CAD tomorrow night! The drivetrain is just about done, and other parts are well on their way.IMG_2116

As the days go by and our designs start to become more concrete, everyone is getting more and more excited. We have another full day of building, testing, coding, eating, and movie watching ahead of us tomorrow. Look for our weekly video update towards the end of the day!

Build Update – Day 14

Hey, guys! Today was pretty crazy! The mechanism to pick up the containers has been greatly improved. We can now bring it in to the robot for compactness. There have also been some changes to our drive train, fitting it into the robot better.


We also went to the practice space and to our awesome new field. There the drivers got an idea of what driving in this game will be like. Eastridge and Woodbury were there too, and we discussed our designs so for. Unfortunately, practice was cut short when speed controllers cut out and died. We’re hoping for a productive weekend!IMG_20150116_205621452

Build Update – Day 13

Today was another day full of ideas and refining prototypes. We’re beginning work on the elevator mechanism to lift the game pieces. The Drivetrain is going through another iteration. We’re hoping to improve handling and make more space for the rather large mechanisms that cover our robot. The programmers have begun modeling the systems and subsystems in preparation for a full robot code.

CAD is also picking up, leaving the CAD team up to their necks in things to do. The robot has been almost entirely sketched by now, and we have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like. We’ve even been coming up with ideas for names already!

Build Update – Day 12

Attendance at the shop was a bit lackluster tonight, but we were still able to get a fair amount accomplished nonetheless. The CAD team is still hard at work getting all of our prototypes designed and the build team is keeping themselves busy with various side tasks in the process. Our intake and tote manipulating devices are being fine-tuned, and some team members are working on a contraption to hold the totes securely as we drive.

The Code team was also hard at work mapping out the various elements that will have to be programmed on the robot this season. With the framework established and subsystems assigned, they’re ready to begin work as soon as we have a robot!


The Outreach team was  busy planning tour routes and designing displays in preparation for our annual shop open house. More info on that will be coming soon, but for now we can assure you that it’ll be held at the shop on Friday, January 30th from 4:30-6:30 and on Saturday, January 31st from 1:00-4:00. Try and make some time to stop by!

Finally, During a bit of a lull today, one of the veteran members on the team decided to teach a few of the newer members the art of welding. While they were only working on scrap metal tonight, we have a few members who were showing strong potential and may be working on the actual robot later this season!


We’ll be back with more tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Build Update – Day 11

Hello again!


Our first exciting update is the status of our new practice field. A group of parents, mentors, and Symantec volunteers worked in the wood shop for much of the day on Saturday to construct the perimeter, human player stations, and driver stations for the 2015 field.    Other local teams, the Data Bits (3883), Royal T-Wrecks (3206), and the ERRORS (3130), will soon be bringing over the step and platforms so we will have a fully functioning field soon!  We are very grateful to the Symantec volunteers for making this possible!


Tonight, we worked on finishing up the last of our prototypes, and have now tested just about every aspect of what we currently think will be our final robot design.  That means there is now lots or work for students to do on CAD!


Our design team is also hard at work making buttons and we have even have some cute miniature 3D printed totes.  The awards committee is starting to write some drafts and discuss plans for Chairmans.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the shop is still a flurry of activity and everyone is being kept very busy.

Blog Update-Day 10

Despite the frigid temperatures outside, we have been very productive inside!  Tonight, lots of work was done on the pushing device for the totes, which currently consists of a piece of box tube on two belts run off of a drill. The low quality zip tie connection and lack of bearings are a little sketchy, but the prototype was still able to successfully push three totes off pieces of poly-carb supporting the handles of the totes.


The CAD team has also been busy at work, and the builders are excited to start constructing some of the pieces that have been drawn up. The coders worked more with the encoders, and their test results have been successful so far.


More work was also put into prototyping devices that deploy into the bins during autonomous mode. If they work, these could easily be considered the coolest thing on our robot. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our week one update to see all of the different options we have been working on!

That’s all for today folks, hope you’re as excited as we are for another exciting day of build season tomorrow!