Monthly Archives: December 2014

Anodizing Tour!

The Fighting Calculators had the opportunity today to tour the facilities of our newest sponsor, Hardcoat, Inc!

Hardcoat is a company that specializes in the process of Aluminum Anodizing. With anodizing, we can strengthen our parts to make them more durable. We can also dye them different colors. This process works by dunking aluminum into a series of liquids that catalyze oxidation and create a coat. The coat is then hardened by running electricity through it. The result is a thin covering, about the thickness of hair and nearly as strong as diamond.


Micheal Kelner, the owner of Hardcoat, was nice enough to lead us on a tour of his building. We followed the path of a part from when it gets there, to the coating process, to inspection, and back out to the customer. They also explained how the process works, and for what it can be used. Kelner’s company is tried and tested: the industries it serves range from healthcare instruments to aerospace and now to FIRST Robotics! We’re very excited to have Hardcoat, Inc as a sponsor. You can expect to see their handiwork on our robot next year.

We’re also excited about all the things coming up in the next month. We have lots of shop training and safety sessions scheduled, and our different subteams are really getting into the swing of things. We’re trying a new system of having “mock kickoffs” for rookies this year, so we’ll have two fake training kickoffs to prepare before the real one comes.

There’s one more thing we’re excited about: new bloggers! We have a whole new crew in charge of social media this year, so there’ll be some new faces once we get them their blogging credentials (right now, they’re going undercover using veteran blogger accounts).