Monthly Archives: November 2014

Minne Mini-Regional Summary

We just attended our last event playing the 2014 FRC game, Aerial Assist, the Minne Mini-Regional hosted by Team 2169, KingTeC. With our robot on its last legs after being beat up in over a hundred matches this season, the pit crew had a tough time keeping everything working. They even had to replace an entire side of the drive train!


Despite these difficulties, the team did well. We were off to a rough start in qualifiers but ended up being picked by the fourth seed alliance captain, Team 3313, Mechatronics. We then picked Team 1816, Green Machine, and 3202, Knightbots, to complete our alliance. We won our quarter finals, and then had three intense finals matches. We lost 1-2, with just a 21 point split for our last game. Congratulations to our friends on Teams 2169, 3883, 2846, and 3042 on becoming the 2014 champions!

It was also a wonderful opportunity for our rookies, some of whom were attending their first FRC event! It was a great way to end the Aerial Assist game, and a last hurrah for Atlas, our 2014 robot. Thanks to all that came and cheered us on, and thanks to KingTeC for putting on a great competition.

October Update!

It’s time for an off-season update!

Since our appearance at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational (MRI), we’ve been busy with some outreach events, driver practice, and a few other side projects.  At the end of October, we brought Atlas to the Minneapolis Medical Device and Manufacturing Convention.  Along with the Data Bits (3883), Royal T-Wrecks (3206), and the ERRORS (3130), we had the opportunity to give a presentation on FIRST and demonstrate the robots at the Minneapolis Convention Center.


We are also very excited to have a new field house to use for driver’s practice.  The space will be large enough to fit a full field during competition season, but we’ve already had a few successful driver training sessions with just a partial field set up.   Back at the shop, a group of students has been working on an electronics project called The Pulsinator to make motor testing easier for other teams.  This has been a fun off-season project and we hope to move towards sales and production in the coming months.IMG_3822

We have a few more demos coming up to keep us busy before kick off.  We will be bringing Trap (last year’s robot) to a local elementary school to show a group of cub scouts how fun robotics is and give them the opportunity to drive the robot around and shoot some frisbees.  We will also be bringing Atlas to the Woodbury Community Foundation fundraising event on November 14 to demonstrate the robot as well as expose robotics to the companies attending the event.

Our last off season competition is also coming up! On November 22, we will be attending Minne Mini, hosted by KING TeC in Prior Lake. This will be a great opportunity to let rookies get another look at what competitions are like and give our new drivers a chance to get some more practice. We are very excited to see how Atlas does in our last Aerial Assist competition; watch out for information and updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! We hope to see you there!