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Indiana Robotics Invitational

Hey Calculator Fans!

So if you weren’t aware, this past weekend the team was competing down in Indianapolis at the Indiana Robotics Invitational. This is considered to be one of the most prestigious and competitive competitions in all of FRC, and only the best teams are invited to attend. With that considered, we were extremely honored to be able to compete with some of our greatest robotics idols for the second year in a row, maintaining our position as the only Minnesotan team to attend the competition.

As the matches first kicked off, we were all rather nervous, intimidated by some of the powerhouses we’d be facing of against. However, as we began to play, it became clear that that we too were a force to be reckoned with. We rose to the challenge and played as hard as we possibly could, leaving everything out on the field. Through our first six matches we went undefeated, playing with teams such as The Cheesy Poofs and Las Guerillas, two of this year’s world champions, and Team RUSH, the newest inductee to the FIRST Hall of Fame.


Despite the intensity, Atlas was able to hold up surprisingly well. Besides a few minor issues with the wheels, gyroscopic sensor, and bumpers, we seldom found a need to be making repairs. In fact, some of our more electrically-inclined team members were able to find the time to make our Safety Duck glow!

After a long day of competition,  we found ourselves seeded second with a record of 6-1, only behind The Robonauts, a well-known team from Texas with celebrity-like status among the robotics community.  However, while the excitement was (reasonably) high, anxiety was in the air, as everyone knew it would only get harder the next day.

Unfortunately, our fears seemed to have some backing to them. On Saturday morning, we played what may have been two of the hardest matches we had played yet, coming out with a narrow victory in one and a defeat in the other. Despite that, we finished the preliminary qualification rounds  in sixth place out of sixty-eight teams, a feat which no one had expected in their wildest dreams.


After alliance selection, we found ourselves as the fifth seed alliance captain. As captain, we chose teams 368, Team Kika Mana from Honolulu, Hawaii, 1477, Texas Torque, from The Woodlands, Texas, and 233, The Pink Team from Cocoa Beach, Florida. While our alliance was strong, it seemed that the opposing alliance was just a little bit stronger, and we were unfortunately eliminated in the quarterfinal rounds.

Regardless of how far we made it in the elimination rounds, this competition will go down as a huge moment in our team’s history. While we may have placed better at some of our regional competitions, this is without a doubt the greatest we have ever played. Our robot did exactly what we wanted it to do, our drive team was performing to the best of their abilities, and our strategies were innovative and successful. Competing as well as we did with some of the best teams in the world has helped us to set ourselves apart and build up our reputation as a powerhouse on the national level.

Thanks for all the support over these years, as we couldn’t get to where were we are today without our strong base parents, alumni, and fans. We hope to see you all at the state fair!