Monthly Archives: May 2014

Season Update

It’s been a while since we had our last blog post–everything gets crazy once the competition season starts! Here’s a quick summary of all the things that happened at all our events this year:

Northern Lights Regional: We ranked 1st, and partnered with teams 359, The Hawaiian Kids, and 2502, Talon Robotics, to win the regional! We also received the Industrial Safety award and the Excellence in Engineering award, and won the Double-Deccer match (a match between the winners of the two Duluth regionals running concurrently).SONY DSC

North Star Regional: We ranked 9th, and partnered with 4607, CIS, and 967, Iron Lions. We made it to the semifinals during the elimination rounds, and won the Creativity Award and a second Industrial Safety award. We also had a team mentor receive the Woodie Flowers award, and a team member receive the Dean’s List award.

Championships: We ranked 18th in the Archimedes division and partnered with Team 399, Eagle Robotics, Team 2834, Bionic Black Hawks, and Team 2056, OP Robotics, and were division quarterfinalists.IMG_7683

Minnesota State Tournament: We ranked 1st, and partnered with teams 2052, KnightKrawler, and 4778, Stormbots, and won to become the 2014 State Champions!IMG_8313

All in all, we had an incredible season this year! Many thanks to all of our sponsors and mentors. Our whole team is so thankful for all of your support–without it, we really wouldn’t be able to do all that we have done, both this season and in the past.

Now, we’re just looking forward to summer projects and off-season events!