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Fightingcalculators x DressLands Metallic Jacquard Skater Dress

Fightingcalculators x DressLands Metallic Jacquard Skater Dress – Round Neckline/ Gold Patterned Print

This fightingcalculators x Dresslands metallic jacquard skater dress provides a fresh and flirty look for summer. It features a fitted bodice with a round neckline and square-cut shoulders. The waist is high and fitted in traditional skater dress fashion. It features a lightly textured metallic fabric with a beautiful gold patterned print. The fabric content is 60% Polyester and 40% Elastane. The Elastane is what gives this dress its comfortable stretch. The dress has a zip back fastening and is hand washable in cold water. It should be line dried. The skirt portion of this dress is full and flirty. It is an ultra-short mini skirt with a length that ends at the upper thigh area. This dress is nice enough to wear for a prom dress or is appropriate for date night dancing and other dressy summer activities. The look is classic, but the metallic jacquard print makes it very special. We offer this fightingcalculators x dress for purchase in sizes Small, Medium and Large.