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IRI Day 2

Our final day at IRI was a blast, just like yesterday. In our first match we competed with the team 125, the Nutrons and team 16, Baxter Bomb Squad. After scoring 188 points together, we came out victorious. That’s more than we can say for our next match, though, suffering a huge loss to 1114, 2826, and 2451. In our third match of the day, we were defeated in a very exciting match by our friends from Iowa, 3928 Team Neutrino. In the last qualification match won with teams 195, the Cyber Knights and 1592, the Bionic Tigers.

Sadly, we were not selected for an alliance during elims, but we had a great time here anyways. We were glad to see our north star alliance partners team 967 selected for the 6th seed alliance. All in all we are very proud of our performance here at IRI and are looking forward to the 2014 FRC season!

IRI Update – Day 1

Here is an update on what was going on in today’s matches at IRI. In a couple of matches, we were just out matched. Our first match was lost due to a pneumatic leak that was fixed after the match, but the location was not identified until after the match. Code orange then jammed and Epsilon Delta also experienced some difficulties. 

 Our second match we won! Pretty much because of 1538’s amazing offense also with MORT. We played defense that match and did pretty well stopping 148’s full court shooting.
Match 3: This was our surrogate match, and sadly did not count towards our record. We did win this match, though, beating Einstein finalists the Killer Bees. This being a “surrogate match” means it doesn’t count towards our record. Us and 2 other teams had 10 matches while the other 66 teams only have nine. This happens so everything is even.
In our fourth match we were pitted against 1310, 862, and 48. We were definitely out matched here. Well, actually this was a very close match. 147-145. This was a very fun, close match to play.
Our fifth match, again, we were purely out matched.
In our sixth match, we were again out matched. Throughout many of these matches we have had a variety of smaller problems such as jams, pneumatic issues, and broken spatulas, but it was nothing that really would have saved us.
All in all, we have put up a good fight in most of our matches and hope to compete like crazy for the rest of the tournament. And a big thanks to all of the teams that we have competed with and against so far to make this such a great experience for this.

IRI Update – Day 0

Today was our load in day at IRI. We got there and realized just how big it really was. There are a total of 69 teams competing here and we are excited and honored to be here. During our brief two hours of load in, we were able to assemble our pit (which is harder than it seems) and get everything tested for tomorrow. We are happy to see that our North Star friends, 967 – Iron Lions, are here as well. On a completely random note, we got a new trailer! It is a 6’x10′ all aluminum trailer. It was immensely helpful with getting all of our stuff down here. That is all that happened today, be sure to watch the webcast tomorrow starting at 10:30am(ET)/9:30am(CST). More updates tomorrow!