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Post Champs and MSHSL Recap


A lot has happened since our last blog post, we have been very busy! Lets start out with what\ happened at the World Championship this year. We got placed by FIRST into the Galileo Division with some pretty good teams: 111 – Wildstang, 118 – The Robonauts, 245 – The Adambots, 1114 – Simbotics, 2169 KingTec, 2512 – The Duluth East Daredevils, and our friends from Becker – 4607. We did ok down there, finishing with  3-5-0 record after the qualifying rounds. We were ranked 64/100. Our friends at KingTeC, however, were ranked 3rd and selected us as their second choice! We were also with 3284 – 4H Laser. In the elimination part of the tournament, we were against 2512 and their alliance in the quarterfinals. We managed to beat them, but we had to go to 3 matches to do so. In our semi finals,  We lost the first match, but were able to win by again taking it to 3 matches. In the finals, we were not so lucky, we lost in 2 matches to the eventual World Champions.  Everyone was content with our finish as it tied the record on how far a team had gotten at the World Championships. The Drive Team then got to go sit on the side of Einstein as ready backups in case a team was unable to continue. Overall it was a great experience. Our official Press Release can be found here.

In the MSHSL state tournament, we started the day of with a decent record of 4-4, rank 9. We had the last match with KnightKrawler and Talon Robotics.  We posted the tournament high score of 180pts that match. In the alliance selections, we were the first pick of the tournament. We were chosen by 2052 KnightKrawler and as an alliance we selected our friends, 4607 The Coalition of Independent Students to be our defense bot. We went 2-0 in our first Semi-Finals match, and moved onto the finals. We were then faced up against our friends from Galileo: KingTeC. 4607 did their job so well, 2169 was forced to cycle, greatly reducing their ability and 2052 was able to showcase their full court shots. They were able to get rid of all the disks in less than a minute with 80% accuracy! We went 2-0 in the Finals to secure our first ever State Championship title. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. The official Press Release can be found here.

We have one more really “big” event left this season. We were fortunate enough to be selected to compete in the Indiana Robotics Invitational in July with some of the best teams in the country! We also will be at the Miny-Minnie, MRI, and State Fair competitions.

Team 2175 would like to thank our sponsors for making our trip to St. Louis happen. Without them, we would not have been able to go down!