Monthly Archives: March 2013

Post Ship-Day


Well, since Ship-Day, a lot has happened. We actually got our robot in the bag an hour early! We decided to withhold our shooter because, well, it wasn’t working… We decided to scrap our belt shooter idea and go with a 3 wheeled shooter. It is coming along very nicely, considering we had to rebuild the whole shooter: base, hopper, and intake. As our shooter is coming together, we are thinking of renaming the robot “The Avenger.”

Our second robot is also coming along very nicely. We have the drive terrain assembled and the electronics are ready to go. We ran out of Talons so we had to resort back to Jaguars. The frame is assembled and has all been welded to the drive terrain. Robot два, as we have come to know it,  is looking more and more like our actual designs each day. It has also proven to be a great base for testing with our new shooter.

As the date of our first regional gets closer and closer we have been preparing for the trip. This weekend we started to prepare things for travel to condense it as much as we can for ease. Our friends at East Ridge have been very generous lately. They gave us a couple new batteries and we are very grateful for that!

Button designs have been a common theme of conversations around the shop. Ben and Daniel have been very active in designing these and they will hopefully turn out very nicely this year. Also, today they started working on a Fighting Calculator computer game that might make its debut in Duluth.

Stay tuned for more information and possible button designs in future posts!